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Words and Music

Click of keys and wail of song
Working out whatever's wrong
Throwing open my heart's door
May they blaze on forevermore

(Sure, you can get it tattooed on yourself somewhere in Gothic letters. No problem.)

Four New Things to Listen To

Not to be an oldster hipster, but I do seek new stuff.
Occasionally, it brings me joy. Maybe it can joy you too.

In ABC order:


So throwback and ridiculously rock star, it's delightful. It's been done, but it's still fresh. How, I don't know.

Louis XIV
Sex, sex, sex. Let's keep that between me and you, ok?


I'm still investigating, but things look promising.

Ian Moore

Bluesy deliciousness. Each new song I hear, I can't believe how beautiful and heart-capturing it is. Dandelion. I think he has short hair now.

Now have fun matching the pics and the descriptions!

(Having said that, I still burn candles at the altars of Corgan and Reznor on alternate Thursdays.)


A wedding salad: lettuce alone.

(Ok, maybe you've heard it. I hadn't. But it was good.)


The pugcupine is rumoured not to exist, but know all ye by these presents that I removed about the FIFTH black pugcupine quill from deep within the skin of the sole of my right foot as it was burrowing deeper and deeper.

Deceptive are these quills, for they look like single regular black dog hairs, but somehow they penetrate into the skin as I shamble about here shoeless in this pseudo-redneck dwelling like the sort of hick that I am.

Sure, I could stop the madness by just wearing shoes around here, but that is nigh unthinkable.

Just keep in mind that the ancestors of the hound shown here once had truck with quilled rodents.

They MUST have done.