The Ungratifying Efficiency of Internet Dating

I wink you
or you wink me
we trade some stupid pleasantry

we choose some place
at which to dine
sip bucking stars
or glug some wine

then at this dump
we laugh and smile
words flit and jump
fling pearls to swine

and swiftly then
like some black hex
you disappoint
i holler, "Next!"


Steven Novak said…
I married my internet date...

I should have said next. ;)

Trevor Record said…
Maybe one should be more forgiving?
Julie said…
You have the most clever writing, you should write professionally (like for a magazine or write a book - maybe you are!). I met my love at the liquor store. I knew my alcoholism would pay off sooner or later :)

Did you know your other love has a blog? Kevin smith?
Ari said…
Aww, how romantic, Steve. And it's nearly Valentine's Day and everything.

I try, Trevor, I do try. This is a bit severe -- it's generally a three strikes policy.

Thanks, Julie. I have written professionally, somewhat. I did know about Kevin Smith's blog -- it's a lot of fun if you're a Smith fan.
Violet said…
Cheers to that, friend! Happy Valentine's Day!

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