Only in Texas 2: Iraqtic Boogaloo

Driving today (why do SO many posts start like that? I DRIVE TOO MUCH!), I saw this brilliant solution to all our Middle East problemos, articulated in seconds by a piece of sticky vinyl affixed to the back window of a pickup. I couldn't get a crappy cellphone picture in time, so I had to use my mad Paintskillz to recreate this piece of Americana for y'all.

Somewhat guiltily, I have to admit it had a certain lizard-brain, barbaric charm on some hickass level. I like to think that my cerebellum rapped the medulla oblongata (or wherever such cavewoman sentiments stem from) soundly. In any case, the thought went away. The laughing didn't, though.

Can you imagine the pacifist violence that would erupt in response to this if you were driving this truck in California or somewhere? A rock through the windshield or a lead pipe beating would be prescribed to drum up the lost compassion in your sick, Southern, Bush-loving heart.

Besides, it's not gas yet. It's just sweet, sweet oil right now.


Amandarama said…
Please tell me the pickup had a gun rack and oversized tires. Please? And a yellow "Support the Troops" ribbon and an American flag flying from his antenna. Pretty please?
Ari said…
There was some other sticker, Amanda, but I think it was just for a country music station or something. You don't see gun racks too much anymore, though I remember them a lot when I was a kid.
Trevor Record said…

If you look to the side there is another one that says: "Gun control is hitting your target repeatedly".

But at the same time, liberal bumper stickers tend to be equally stupid. Take for instance: "Abortions - If you don't believe in them, don't have them."

At least most conservative bumper stickers display a basic understanding of liberal thought, and simply say "I believe something different than you do". That abortion sticker is sort of like saying "I don't understand that you think abortion is murder". I'm waiting for the conservatives to come out with an answer to that one along the lines or "torture of suspected terrorists - if you don't believe in it, don't do it".
Steven Novak said…
The only thing I ever refer to as "sweet, sweet" is pizza. ;)

Dave Morris said…
Nice work with a mouse.
Violet said…
I have to give you props for your mad Paintskillz, as you call them. Seriously, that is pretty damn good stuff.

I also come up with most of my blog topics while driving. Probably because it is one of the few times that I have uninterrupted time to think about things.
Ari said…
I agree, Trevor. That's why I'm a libertarian. Max personal, economic freedom, min gov't.

That says a lot about you, Steve.

Thanks, Dave!

Very true, Violet, I think that is why. I also have an awfully long commute, though. Also I secretly enjoy making Paint drawerings.
Azathoth100 said…
Heh. Nice to know the much maligned and endangered hillbillys are still out there. We should get this one into a preserve somewhere.
I love that sign. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.
Ari said…
This isn't just hillbilly's Aza. This is like everyone down here. :)

No prob, LBB.
Trevor Record said…
I'm Libertarian too, although for more-or-less idealistic reasons.

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