Pigpen's Cloud: A Tale of Mixed Metaphors

Because I attend an exclusive, prestigious, private university for graduate school, I stumble along amongst long shadows stretching along the Serengeti marble halls. Rich, thin, shiny, pretty women meander past me by on their slender, Nordic, giraffean legs, and I am as a squat chimpanzee in their midst -- clever, amusing, far more able to use tools, yet not half as majestic.

Sometimes, in classes, we interact. I feel as if I travel in Pigpen's cloud, for my nails are clipped and short, and tiny continents with chipping borders appear on each finger, instead of glossy, manicured, monochromatic squares. My hair, unfashionably frizzy, is self-cut and a few weeks overdue for a $7 color out of a Garnier box. My $12 shoes have about breathed their last, as I shift about the desk in my Wal-Mart pants.

Still, maybe opposable thumbs and the ability to throw verbal poo at their mystification at crazy tables-full of statistics is worth being grotty. Sometimes.


I can't do no miracles
Even though you think I can
And I hate to disappoint you
But there's no holes in these hands.

--- D. Allan Coe


Violet said…
I know that feeling! My boyfriend and I were out to dinner about a week ago and I saw three of these creatures at the table across the aisle. They seemed very "sparkly" and I wondered what that life might be like. I'll probably never know, but I'm probably okay with that, too.
Ari said…
Yeah, Violet, all in all I wouldn't trade it.
Dr. T said…
People like them are as bright sparks out of a fire, who glow for a few seconds, but contribute nothing and are gone. They are neither the fuel nor the fire, providing the world neither warmth nor light.
Ari said…
Aww, thanks Dr. T. :)
Anonymous said…
This is just how I feel when I go back home to the OC to visit my sister in her $2.5 million home. I bite my nails, have thrift store finds for my wardrobe, and basically don't give a damn about convention. This does not go over well in her set, lemme tell ya.

The last time I was there, it was like they all had uniforms: Matching velvet Juicy couture sweatsuits, French tip nails, lots of diamonds. I felt like a toadstool.
Ari said…
Well, Mom, I guess if we sat back and evaluated what's important in the big scheme of things, we'd be happy with who we are, like Dr. T says. But sometimes I forget is all. I guess we all do. :)

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