I Hate ________________.

Catch phrases run the gamut from "kiss my grits" to "can you smell what the rock is cookin?" I like to make my own, though, and of late, my favorite has been "I hate __________."

We live in a world that is uncomfortable with hate, and because it is forbidden, I guess, is why it's fun to say. I'm not all about the hatin' exactly. It's just whatever you're not supposed to do is fun to do. Forbidden words hold more power. Also, there's no thinking, just denouncing.

You can't hate everything. People are too complicated to hate. If you start to hate one, and then think some more, you'll find something that wasn't so bad. And if you hate someone for being a hatemonger, then you're just as bad as they are, aren't you?

So hate has to be more specific, like
"I hate floral print shirts."
"I hate when good sloths go bad."
"I hate vocational training."
"I hate Death by Chocolate type desserts."

It can backfire on you, such as the time when I was about 13 and impugned the mixing of gold and silver jewelry, spouting, "I hate when people wear gold and silver together," only to look down to the trendy, 4 ring wearing 80's hand of my conversational counterpart and discover that she was committing this cardinal wardrobe sin that I, as deacon dumbass, had denounced.

So like I was saying, people, it's best not to hate.


Azathoth said…
Interesting way of looking at it. So what about when Bad sloths go good?
Ari said…
I believe that sloths are inherently good, Aza. But I guess there could be an Anakin sloth out there.
Latigo Flint said…
Well said Ari.

I hate road cones. Don't tell me what to do road cone. I'm a human man and you're just a rubber road cone. I'll drive where I goddamn please.

(I also hate having to call a tow truck.)
Ari said…
Yeah, Latty, speakin' of that, I hate road cones, too.
I've always believed Hate is a virtue.

You just have to be careful to hate the right stuff and people.
Ari said…
You hate in all the right ways, LBB. That's why people love you.
Violet said…
I have the tendency of promptly inserting my foot into my mouth anytime I say anything negative. Doesn't stop me from doing it, but I know what you're saying.
Ari said…
Yeah me too, Violet. I hate that. :)

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