(Warning: Cheese may be needed. Whine ahead.)

The trouble with anything online is, it's you but it's not you.
With predominantly online relationships, this is you but not you added to them but not them. This plus time equals an exponentially inaccurate virtual folly.

The most important stuff that happens in my life, I don't write about.

What's the line between "free spirited" and "skanky"?

How come the amount you want someone is inversely proportional to the amount they want you, and even if that ratio changes, between the same two people, it still applies?

Death: horrifying snuffer of sacred life force, or just welcome relief?

What if all the things I'm pretty sure God is ok with, He isn't?

Is it possible to never hear another depressing news story again?

As I age, my emotions rule me less, resulting in more days of relative calm and happiness.
As a tradeoff, I don't get as excited about as many things.

If you want something, give up on it completely.
If your letting go is not complete, the universe will sense this.

Is it better to be loyal or fascinating?

Is it better to be deep or amusing?

Is it better to be better, or does it just not matter?

Positive thinking: essential for serenity, or just a fortification of bullshit against the pain-soaked void?

Are Dante and Randal best friends because they really are the yin to each other's yang, or just because of proximity? Oh, but wait, that could apply to any relationship. Does it happen because cosmic forces conspire, or just because of the zip code in which we choose to exist?

I think this post may be the result of juxtaposing too much Sublime and Type O Negative in succession during the past several days.

That is all (for now).

Hasta proximo vez, vaya con Dios.


"I hate everyone, and I think everything is stupid, but you've always been the counterbalance to that."
-- Randal Graves, Clerks II


Helga von porno said…
Just off to a meadow to meditate. seems to be a don't want what you can't have theme. I wonder if one can disagree with that on Romantic grounds. I think there is a Blake poem that is quoted in an australian film called Two Hands, where it is the burning desire that is all that is worth living for, and to suppress is to turn it into the ghost of a desire.
Ari said…
Found it, Helga:

William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (1790)

"Those who restrain desire, do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained; and the restrainer of reason usurps its place and governs the unwilling. And being restrained, it by degrees becomes passive, till it is only the shadow of desire."

and more:

"Without Contraries is no progression.
Attraction and Repulsion,
Reason and Energy,
Love and Hate,
are necessary to Human existence.

From these contraries spring what the religious call Good & Evil.
Good is the passive that obeys Reason. Evil is the active springing from Energy."

It makes me feel better just to read Blake. Thank you. :)
Violet said…
I'd have to say that some of those 'this or that' questions aren't necessarily trade-offs. I mean, isn't it possible to be both deep AND amusing?...

Maybe not... I'll have to think about it...
Ari said…
Yeah, Violet, they don't have to be. I was just in a persnickety mood, and implying that women must needs be one or the other sometimes.
Azathoth said…
Ok, get out some wine cause theres Cheese ahead. Lets take this one at a time.

1. yes being online changes things. Thats because when people arn't face to face we don't have to tell the whole truth. Which sucks a bit, but in someways it's better because you can be the personm you've always wanted to be.

2. Of course not. In the end you can't be sure who's reading this and something strangers just shouldn't know.

3. That would be flirting with someone you don't know vs. sleeping with everyone you don't know.

4. Because people suck.

5. A mystery we all get one chance to figure out, and by then it's too late to tell anyone else.

6. If you believe, then trust in yourself because your made in God's image, which means the right things to do are already inside you.

7.No. well yes, but only if your deaf.

8. We tarde the loss of feeling full happiness for the protection against pain by dulling our emotions. Yet it's a false trade because when the pain comes it's still just as bad.

9. Which of course means you only get what you wnat when you no longer want it. Life has a sick sense of humor.

10. Which trait would you rather have in a friend? I'll take loyal every time.

11. Fortunatly, it's possible to be both. Once you get deep you have to smile because if you stop you start thinking like the killers of the world.

12. there is no moral law outside of your own mind. But just remember you have to live with whatever you do, so act accordingly and never do something you can't live with.

13. Either way it still beats being depressed all the time.

14. Both. If you don't live near someone you'll never meet to become friends. But if there isn't something special between you all you'll be is aquaintences.

Asta la pasta for now.

Too much deep thought is like eating too many baked beans. It causes people to not want to sit too close to you.
-Phil Priore
Ari said…
Thanks, Aza. It means a lot to me that you took the time to read, understand, and help with this crap. It was comforting to read what you read. I know you struggle with these kind of days too sometimes. :)
Ari said…
Read what you WROTE I meant.
Gary said…
Nice questions. I don't listen to the TV or Radio news for that very reason. They seem to be obsessed with negativity. It is much worse than it use to be years ago. I guess they discovered that it keeps people tuned to their station, but that doesn't work on me.

As far as knowing someone from their blog, it works both ways. In some respects, you probably know know a blogger better than his or her friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Sometimes even his or her relatives.
defiant goddess said…
Overthunk indeed. Heehee.

My answer to one of your questions: Welcome relief.
Ari said…
I know, right!! In 2 years of blogging, nothing's changed. I suspect you're right, Renee. :)
Helga von porno said…
Thanks for finding the Blake poem, it seemed to make more sense in the film. Is it that reason supresses desire then takes its place, then you end up doing things unwillingly, living unwillingly, with your ghostly desires moaning in the night? Makes me think my desire comes from my heart (literally). here's another reference. Hume ( the philosopher) said that reason should be slave to desire, or passion since there is no reason to prefer the destruction of the world to snaggin my little finger nail, or vice versa.

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