The Things I See In This Town III

Yep, today I went to buy dog food and make some copies at the local shopping center, and I saw this. I was gonna take a picture with my camera phone, but I thought better of it. I'd give better odds than not that this Bubba had a gun rack in his back window.

I wonder if was a "You must be as tall as the catalytic converter to drive this truck" sticker anywhere on this thing when he bought it...

(Yes, I made that picture. It was fun.)


Azathoth said…
Yes, Necessity is the mother of invention, and the father of stupidity.
Gary said…
You have to admit that those trucks come in handy in a flood, something we definately get here in Houston.
Ari said…
True, Aza. I just hope this guy's Big Ol' Boots kept him from busting his ass.

That is true, Gary, and having been durn near swept away in a van one time, I can see how maybe you'd need such a truck. :)
Lance Manion said…
Why is the nice man beating a washing machine with a dildo?
Ari said…
I'm not so sure he's a nice man, Lance.

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