Mildly Serendipitous Piece of Lore

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Listen to a marginally interesting tale of gas station cooperation!


Lance Manion said…
I once had a similar moment, where I wanted to buy a new plasma screen TV, but didn't have any money. But my neighbors had one, so I broke in and stole theirs.

I'm not sure if that's serendipitous or not, but hey, O. Henry wrote most of his stories in jail, so that's got to count for something.
Ari said…
As long as there was tragedy and giving, I think O'Henry would approve.
Trevor Record said…
Ari, it isn't working for me. What do I need to play it?
Ari said…
In AOL the media player plays it (though I know no one else admits to having it). (Which brings up a question... COL??)

Anyway, it just worked for me with Quicktime (using Mozilla as the browser). I think it also has played in Realplayer before.

I am just pleased as punch that you care to listen, much less INSTALL something! May you get increased blog traffic!!

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