Vijf Eigenaardige Gewoonten

or, not in Dutch, Five Odd Habits.

Julie tagged me to list five odd habits I have.

This is my FIRST TAG EVER. I am so proud. So here I go:

1. I usually cut my fingernails and toenails outside on my patio, because I think nail clippings are gross.

2. At restaurants, when I drink iced tea, I put Equal into my unsweetened tea, then fold the packets lengthwise, inserting them (and their ripped off tops) one into another into another like those nesting Russian dolls until they are all neatly in one long foldy piece. Then I roll the combined packets into a spiral shape and usually put it aside until I can put it into a used dish that will then be taken away. If I get a straw, I twist and twist the wrapper into a tight little twisty rope, which I then continue twisting until it twists around itself tighter and tighter. Sometimes, I tie it into knots repeatedly until I cannot tie anymore. If I don't like how the table is arranged, or if the spiral bound drink/dessert menu annoys me, I move things to the side, another table or put them in the window or something.

3. I remember things that little kids say, and repeat them in the appropriate situation, forever. For example, many years ago, I baby sat a kid who wanted more french fries. "And more shicken (chicken)!" she requested. That kid is 16 now, and I still say "And more shicken!" This year's favorite was from my 2 year old niece: "Missmas liiiights, missmas liiiights, in the town!" I've said that all season.

4. If I write something, I will read it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. No exaggeration there. At least that many times. Sometimes I am editing, sometimes I am just OCD reading. Heck, I've already reread this post 6 or 7 times, and I'm not even done writing it.

5. Most of the time, when I pick up a magazine or catalog to look at, I don't start at the first page and go in order. At least half the time, I start at the back and go back to front. They say you can get an infection that way, but it's never happened to me.


Some like their water shallow, I like mine deep, so very deep. - C. Robinson


Julie said…
Thank you good sport!!
That equal table thing, is really quite interesting!! I'd like to have dinner w/ you just to see that! I never thought about it before, but I do read magazines backwards too!! ZinX!!
Groovy stuff sweets, thanks for playing along!!
The Unseen One said…
On your first tag you didn't tag anyone else? Shame!!! ;)
Ari said…
Oops, thanks, NH, I forgot the rules of the game.

You're IT!
Ari said…
Julie, I don't know if it's entertaining or slightly neurotic. :)

But if you're ever in Dallas, gimme a shout. I'm sure we'd have fun hanging out.
The Unseen One said…
Too late!!! You can't post-tag! Sorry, but that's the rule. ;)

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