If you are reading this, then I am thankful for you, for you are assisting in this carnival of self-aggrandizing that we call a blog.

Have a relatively safe, drunken-argument free holiday, all of you.

And try not to hate your family on the drive home. I'll do the same.

But no promises.


Ari said…
Success! I did not hate my family on the drive home!!
Rob Seifert said…
Congrats! Happy Thanksgiving!

Latigo Flint said…
I trust self-loathing is exempt, 'cause if so then I've succeeded.
Ari said…
Thanks, Rob. :)

Self-loathing's just kind of a background buzz behind everything, I find, Latty.
Dave Morris said…
Hope you had a great one! Happy holidays Ari.

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