Slackin' Today

I'm sick.

Of work, and all its accompanying flamjamzytram, so I took today off.

On the constitutional with Le Puggin this morning, I passed a woman walking with her shiny silver weights. As the puggin and I got within, oh, fifty paces or so, she began to froth at the mouth in this manner:


Now understand that this darling canine creature stands about 12 inches high at the very pinnacle of his velvet triangle ears. While he does rail against and steer the end of the retractable leash with all his might like some snuffling, furry kite, all his might ain't that much. He was nowhere near her, and I was already reeling him in.

I said nothing, but every time I passed her on the circle track after that, I contemplated "accidentally" dropping the leash, loosing a slavering, gregarious toy hound upon her.

(On the upside, now when Le Puggin annoys me, I can threaten to send him to the house of the Lady Who's Not Into Dogs.)


That dog looks like a cat. Weird.
Azathoth said…
While I'm not a dog person myself I would say this lady has some sort of serious problems she need to atend to. Weird.
defiant goddess said…
Poor thing, she must have had a bad experience with a dog at some time. :(
Ari said…
How so, LBB? I don't grok it.

Agreed, Aza.

Yeah, Goddess, but in my neighborhood, the likelihood of meeting a dog on a walk is about the same is seeing grass. If yer that phobic, join a gym, or don't walk in the park.
Ari said…
Edit: Same AS seeing grass.
Junkie70 said…
Scaring people in the park are we? My favorite activity. You did well Ari....congrats! Of course, I would have went with dropping the leash on "accident".
Ari said…
I try to fight the dark side of the Force as it rears up within me, Junkie. Too many dark points and you're... you know... Anakin.
Julie said…
that is the funniest thing ever,,, I would love to see you let your dog come close to her... damn her.. !!!
Ari said…
Yeah, Jules, my vicious pugberman pinscher pug bull might just lick her.

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