B and D

Booze and drugs!!! That's what I hit the Super Wal-Mart today for!!

Alright, fine, it was Primatene and pinot grigio.


Enjoy. After you take those together, you'll find trifling with a firearm amusing.
Lance Manion said…
Awright! Party like a rock star!
Junkie70 said…
I find booze and drugs entertaining, from a distance. What's Primatene anyway?
Julie said…
wine and drugs...excellent my gal!!!
I love wine myself!!! even alone,, you and I have said many times about drinking alone.. is it better to drink and then drive or better to have a glass at home?? jeezz?
Ari said…
Probly, LBB. Then I'll hafta down some of your homemade Nyquil to calm down.

::slaps high five, then makes "devil" symbol with hand whilst headbanging::

And you call yourself a junkie, Junkie? Primatene is an over the counter asthma drug. That I hear can be used to make meth, but I don't have the recipe, honest. I just don't dig the inhaler type.

Yeah, Julie, it's always better to be able to breathe while you're drinking at home alone. :)
Lance Manion said…

And remember, it's not how much you drink before you boot, it's how much you drink after you boot.
Quz Boss said…
Hmmm... I neva tried or huurd of dat drink! Was it strong, cuz if so it aint worth my time ;-) PEACE
Ari said…
::giggle:: Goddess. :)


Take 6 and call me in the morning, Quz. And HEY! btw.
Amandarama said…
You know what's even more fun? Wine, OTC cold medication and a hot tub. Better than heroin. Or so I hear...
Ari said…
I'll hafta try that one. :)

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