Thor's Day

For some reason, Thor's Day has become a drinking day.

A mini celebration of/by your fucking self day.

And I don't know why.

And if you've got a reason, post it here.

But right now, my only reason is ritual.

So cheers. :)


Ari said…
Yes, now. Yes, alone. Vodka + Diet Duo, if you must know. :)
Lance Manion said…
I used to use the logic that it's Friday somewhere to justify drinking whenever. Then some asshole explained the international dateline to me. Now I do it because the voices say it's okay.
Amandarama said…
If I have to come up with reason to justify why I'm drinking on a particular day, it's just going to take away from actual time that I could be drinking. And that's just not going to fly.
Ari said…
Dude, Amanda, sometime we should hang out.

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