' ' ' ' ' pillar of the Earth

' ' ' ' ' pillar of the earth
unbeknowst to me
I was farming you and dozens of your squishy brethren
amongst the lurid proliferation of morning glories
and moonflowers
that I thought would be pretty
in front of the house.

Though for weeks I saw, indirectly,
you, in senseless, bloated gluttony,
making the obscenely verdant, lustily growing heart-shaped leaves holy,
I did not ken to the fact that middle-finger sized brownish larvae
were living in harmony (sin?) with pencil-thick creepers of fluorescent green,
One of whom yesterday clung squirmily to my shirt as I passed
Nearly causing a freakout and/or vomiting.

O ' ' ' ' ' pillar
when the blustering wind knocked the trellis free from the wall
the roots of vines held on
You must have slammed in soft, wormy brainlessness to the ground

And perhaps, in momentary, dull wonder that you did not get impaled that time
Found squashing mortality the next moment beneath my sandal
And I, lifting the trellis again to the wall
Began a dance of horrified chagrin
As the miniature wave of green, gooey innards
kissed my foot's bare arch.

O ' ' ' ' ' pillar of the earth
You shall have your revenge
For the next 12 days when I think on you
A gagging will manifest in my throat
A sickness in my gut.

Perhaps we should blame the wind, ' ' ' ' ' pillar
Or the sun that grew the seeds
For this unwanted exchange of death and horror
That came between us
Between you and your morphing from disgusting into beautiful.


Ari said…
This WAS a facetious mockery of my poetry skillz, by the way.
Azathoth said…
That was awsome. I love it.
defiant goddess said…
I love your skills. I really do. I would have said:

Ew. I stepped on a bug!!!

Yours was much better. :)
Ari said…
Thanks, Aza!

Thanks, Goddess!

Y'all are only encouraging me you know. ;)
Dave Morris said…
That was good. Oh my. That was good.
Ari said…
Thanks, Dave. I figured a disgusting experience for me might as well be used for the greater good.

PILLAR UPDATE: For about a week, I just left it there beside the sidewalk. It turned charcoal black, and ants were using it as a sort of play tunnel/snack. So I kicked it over into the garden. I still can't believe that much liquid and goo came from one insect.

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