Fun with Homophones

The other day on my way home, my friend and I were driving behind this guy.

Hay-toting trucks are a fairly common sight in our neck of the prairie, and everytime we see one, we shout, "HEY! HAY!"

Getting closer, though, we realized: "Hey! That hay is just about to fall off that there truck!"

Although we spent a couple seconds giggling at how "funnier n' crap" it would be to see someone crashing into hay and said hay exploding all over the road like some kinda dead grass blizzard, we soon thought, "Hey, that could be us behind that hay..." and "Hey, someone else would rear end us. Hey, that's not funny."

So we pulled up next to the truck and my friend waved at the cowboy driver, who, from beneath his hat of straw, smiled, and said, "Hey."

"HEY! You don't understand! HAY! Check yer HAY!" we hollered.

But it wasn't any use. He kept tooling that duallie on down the road, and a couple blocks later he turned off.

I guess we'll never know, in that particular instance, whether cows supped or an insurance company cussed.


Latigo Flint said…
But it's gloriously Texas either goldang way.
Ari said…
I reckon it is. ;)
defiant goddess said…
It always makes me very uncomfortable to see vehicles carrying more than they should be holding. I'm glad there weren't any accidents ... that we know of. :)
Eye no what ewe mean.
Julie said…
hey hay hey hay,, couldn't help myself!!
Ari said…
True, Goddess. Very true.

Deafinitely, LBB.

I never can either with the hay/hey thing, Julie. :)
It's funny every damn time.

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