Crazy Cowboy

My drive to work through the ghettos and the grottoes of this fair city washes up oh, so many lovely specimens of our species to my consciousness.

This a.m. I'm hurtling between the speed and school zones when a light stops me. While sitting there waiting, I spot a black-clad cowboy, wearing flip flops and a black Stetson with a fancy silver-concho band about the crown. He's sucking on a stub of a cigarette as if it contained the breath of life and bopping along the sidewalk, jamming out to something on his headphones.

Coming up beside him on the left is a gang-emblazoned "no parking" sign. He keeps bopping, but as he approaches the sign, he eyes it suspiciously.

Apparently that sign must've whispered somethin' impertinent to that lone ranger, 'cause he wheeled on it and slammed it an audible right hook on its back side, leaving me to finish the drive to work stunned at the insanity lurking everywhere.


Julie said…
That sounds like it belongs in an oscar wilde novel!! very well written!
Azathoth said…
Heh, you just gotta love people. I've done the punch a sign thing before when walking off a heartache so I won't judge him, but I will say that it definatly makes ones day a little more surreal.
defiant goddess said…
lol! You do write exceptionally well.
Amandarama said…
I've punched an inanimate object or 12 on my day. Do you think he knew you were watching him?
Ari said…
Julie, I've never read any Oscar Wilde, so at least I can feel safe I'm not unintentionally plagiarizing. I spose I should now. :)

Aza, on thinking of it later, I realized that punching a sign rather than another person, plant, or animal, might be a good rather than crazy thing to do. I just can't generally summon the will to get that angry that early in the morning.

Thanks, Goddess. You write well too!

I guess I have too, Amanda, but not publicly. I don't think he had any idea I was watching.... if he was trying to impress, he did, but not in a good way.

There was a twenty-something girl on the street corner, who laughed at him. Maybe he was trying to lure her in, I dunno.

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