Rampant irrationality, anyone?

This weekend there's a rock show going down at a festival that's being held in Corpus Christi.

And just because it's an eight hour drive, or a $275.00 plane ticket and a hurricane passed through there a few days ago, none of my friends want to go.

It's clear that no one loves rock 'n' roll like I do.

Perhaps, despite my absence at their bacchanalia, I will appease the gods of rock with the fervor of my pouting.


Dave Morris said…
Totally. Bogus.
Lance Manion said…
I am totally banging my head in shame over your friends.
Ari said…
Dude, Dave. Word.

Me too, Manion. Where's that Jaeger (my neck hurts)?
Azathoth said…
Small price to pay for Rock. Your friends should be ashamed.
Ari said…
Indeed they should, Blizzard of Az. ;)
Dr. T said…
Now, do you really think Dionysus can forgive you not participating in one of his bacchanalia? Next you'll be telling me you're giving up the requisit wine and orgies too!!!

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