I just finished Lord Vishnu's Love Handles

so maybe that's why I had a weirdass dream in which I was doing like a one woman improvisational show. In my dream, I was creating an impromptu sketch, and I was Eve (of the "Adam and" variety) and I was playing the part like Eve was a dippy broad and the apple was some kind of unmissable shoe sale type deal that had to be seen and done (eaten). And I kept having Adam dudes come up and try to have their way while I was doing the sketch. And the end of the sketch, I took the apple and took a huge bite, and it went "CRUNCH!" and the audience (who seemed to be mostly older women) gasped audibly. And then both the dream and the show ended simultaneously.

So it was kind of brilliant, if I had a script. Perhaps I should write one.

Oh yeah, LVLH comes in because in it, there's a guy with Adam and Eve entertwined in a tattoo on his arm. And it's a nifty book from which a movie is being made.

And, not being a current events commentator, I have nothing of value to say about New Orleans, except that I am proud to live in a town and a state where everyone I know has done something to help. Keep those folks in your prayers -- the victims and the heroes. Their garden met the flood, and we have to be that dove on the high place.


Be the dove

Eve picture

Lord Vishnu's Love Handles


Rob Seifert said…
Michael Parkes kicks ass! Good dream, write the script - who knows what could happen?

Azathoth said…
Got to admit, it would make an interesting script.
defiant goddess said…
Even your dreams are entertaining.
Ari said…
Well, it would make an interesting script, RCS and Aza, but I'm not sure if I wrote it, that it would turn out that way. I'll give it some thought. I can't decide if it would be demeaning or wildly satirical to write it. :)

Thanks, Goddess, I'll pass that along to my Dreamweavers. :D
That's a pretty good dream.

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