Boss Hatred

Lately I've been taken with the notion of writing songs. I don't know why. I love songs. I write poems. But I really never considered combining the two until recently.

So the other day I was sitting in yet another boring work training trying to pen some boss-hatin' song lyrics while appearing to be diligently taking notes, when I realized that Fred Durst had already expressed my feelings far more eloquently than I could.

While I was penning weakass stuff, Limp Bizkit had already captured my emotional state in the classic "Break Stuff":

Its just one of those days
When you don't wanna wake up
Everything is fucked, Everybody sux
You don't really know why
But you wanna justify Rippin' someone's head off
No human contact
And if you interact Your life is on contract
Your best bet is to stay away motherfucker
It's just one of those days!!

Its all about the he says she says bullshit
I think you better quit Lettin' shit slip
Or you'll be leavin with a fat lip
Its all about the he says she says bullshit
I think you better quit talkin that shit (Punk, so come and get it)

Its just one of those days
Feelin' like a freight train
First one to complain
Leaves with a blood stain
Damn right I'm a maniac
You better watch your back
Cuz I'm fuckin' up your program
And if your stuck up You just lucked up
Next in line to get fucked up
Your best bet is to stay away motherfucker
Its just one of those days!!

I know, I know.

Teachers aren't supposed to feel this way. But you just have to know my situation. This guy once told us on the morning announcements to bring food for a lunch that was being held that day at noon. He once told us that there are "two kinds of bitches" at a faculty meeting. Whenever he talks or tells one of his 4 anecdotes, I have to bite the inside of my lip or dig fingernails into my leg to keep myself from standing up and screaming, "WE KNOW!!! or I GOT THE E-MAIL!!! or YOU ALREADY TOLD US THAT STORY!!!"

Grrrr. Fuckin' grrrr, I say.

So instead of writing the song I just sped home at an unsafe speed, spewing foul, unladylike rap-metal out my Toyota's windows.


Latigo Flint said…
Fuckin' Grrr my lady fury. Fuckin' Grrr.
Ari said…
Uh oh.

Caught plagiarizin' phraseology from a gunslinger.

Now what happens, I wonder?

Imitation may be the sincerest way to get gutshot.
defiant goddess said…
OMG That would drive me crazy, too.
Ari said…
Ohh man, Goddess, don't fucking GET me started. That is only the tip of the boring iceberg that I've been trapped under for the last 5 years.
Azathoth said…
Heh, I still think you should ba able to shoot people like that, maybe an idiot hunting season or something.
Lance Manion said…
You can do what I once did, which is to fill his desk with live frogs. Seriously. And I liked that guy.

As the saying goes, "Vengeance is best served slimy."
Julie said…
My mom has taught for 32 years and we now refer to them as the 'little bastards'.. it's ok. and she's a great teacher!!
Ari said…
Aza, if such a season exists, it's year round at my workplace. For him and several other people.

Filling desks with frogs sounds more like punishment for ME, Lance.

See, the little bastards I love, Jules. It's the bullshit and the bosses I can't handle.
Rob Seifert said…
There's just nothing like getting up early every day, throwing yourself together, and meandering off to work for someone you don't respect. I feel for you lady!

Lance Manion said…
What?! Frogs are the shizz! Plus they'll release frog pee all over his stuff. Just raid the biology department.
Dr. T said…
Limp Bizkit is wonderful for anger management -- through sublimation. I can't tell you what "Nookie" did for me when one of my ex-gf's and I broke up. Pretty much summed up everything.

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