Last night at dusk, I was out for a walk in my bike shorts and t-shirt (I know, wearing bike shorts is a privilege, not a right, but they were all I had clean and it was getting dark.)
Now, I didn't think these garments, nor my jiggling T and A beneath them, would be gauged as sexy by a passing hick rumbling past in a big ol' blue duallie, but by God, he screamed, "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" out the window, and I'm taking it as a compliment.


Tiamat said…
How else could you take it? Beauty comes from within and the clothes are only icing on the cake. :)
Ari said…
Well, I could take it as the usual harrassment of a fat chick. Or just random drunken whoooing... any number o things. :)
Julie said…
I agree w/ tiamat!! you go hot sexy thang! you are way too hard on yourself, you gotta cut that shit out! :)
Ari said…
Well, oddly, the very next day some teenager shouted out, "You're too fat!" out his window, reminding me that this doubt of my ravishingness is not mere pessimism, but the collected years of expressed public opinion. ;)

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