The Thrill of Dictatorship

Lo, it is said that absolute power corrupts absolutely... and this is assuredly true with online radio.

Not too long ago, I happened across something known as Launchcast (via SBC Yahoo DSL, and no, sadly, I'm not getting any kickback here). It may not be the only customizable radio type thingy online, or even the best, but I am having BOATloads of fun with it.

"How does this miracle of technology/musical tyranny work?" you may be asking yourself. Well, it not only plays songs, but it allows you to give separate ratings to an artist, a song, or even an album. Ratings begin with "Can't get enough," going progressively down to "love it," "like it," "it's ok," and my personal overwhelming favorite, "Never Play Again!"

With this lowest rating, I can guarantee that I will never sit through Marilyn Manson's tired, rehashed tripe, Michael Jackson's wackadoo woohoos, or Kenny G's shittical saxophonical stylings.

And, there's even the selective banishment option, such as, I like Deep Purple, but not "Woman from Tokyo." NEVER PLAY "WOMAN FROM TOKYO AGAIN!!! DO YOU HEAR ME, BARD LAUNCHCAST?!?! I'LL HAVE YOUR CIRCUITS FED TO PIGEONS IF YOU DARE TO CROSS MY DELICATE EAR CANALS WITH ITS LIKE AGAIN!!! NOW BRING ON "SAVE A HORSE, RIDE A COWBOY*" INSTEAD!!! (Tip: Dictatorial enjoyment is enhanced by regal ranting.)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to banish Bryan Adams' "Heaven" into exile, along with Bryan himself. Bwa ha ha!!

Get your own control:

* by Big and Rich, see below... ;)


Julie said…
Man, that thang rocks! I love it, thanks for turning me onto it!
It is a good deal. I got it through yahoo messenger so it is doubly handy as I can chat and sing loudly and off key at the same time.
Azathoth said…
Sounds like fun, your highness.
Ari said…
Glad to be of service to you fine folk. :)
Latigo Flint said…
Word to the wise: Don't rate Genres - (Rock, Rap, Bluegrass, etc.) That's too wide, too many crap choices. Rate only artists, songs, albums and let it work from those. It quickly becomes such a perfect radio station that it'll bring tears to your eyes.
defiant goddess said…
No "Heaven?" Alas, a point of contention. ;)

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