Pug-nked Again!

I'm starting to think that Pippin Peregrine Took (alias Pugpin) is secretly aware that his naughty behaviour is making him famous on the Interweb, because today, once again, he committed a heinous act.
I decided to install some rocklike (i.e. plastic) borders around my front flower bed today. While I was doing that, I foolishly figured that the pup might like to get some sun. Because he can't be trusted to stay close in the front yard, I took him out and hitched him by his leash AND HARNESS to a bench I have out front, giving him the freedom to roam a bit, near me, but still safely secure. Or so I thought.

While I was planting petunias, he was seemingly just kind of "playing" amongst the Japanese boxwoods, hibiscus and overgrown weeds. The next thing I know, the little Houdini has slipped his bonds and is trotting along the back fence towards the main road.

On he goes, past all my neighbors' backyards, enjoying the sun, galloping along, and having a grand time. I'm careful not to chase him but continue walking calmly while praying that his Puggy Guardian Angel will keep him safe from the dozens of people driving along that corner. After a minute or so of this, I stop, squat and call his name. He turns and trots towards me, even speeding up as if to actually obey my command... but at the last second, evil wins out, and he turns right, into the road, stopping minivans, SUVs and even kids on bicycles. Does he stop there? Why, of course not. He starts a new trek into the neighborhood across the way.

Fortunately for him, his Guardian Angel did appear, in the form of a teenager who screeched to a stop in a black pickup. "That your dog?" he asked me. I stayed at a distance and admitted that yes, the little nut was mine, and within seconds the dog that wouldn't come to own momma was in the arms of a strange teenage boy.

A moment later, the helpful lad had handed over the pup, accepted my thanks and jumped back into his truck to speed off into the afternoon, Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" blaring out the windows. You know, I hope Ronnie Van Zandt is watching over that kid from up above tonight, and I hope something good happens in his life for keepin' a little fool of a Took safe.
:: fade out to strains of "Sweet Home Alabama" ::


Pip said…
Your pug has my name.

I'm suing. For something. I don't know what, but dammit, I'm an American, and that's what we do.
Ari said…
But Pip, think of it this way.... I chose his name because I thought it was so awesome. :D
Jessica said…
Awwww, that's so cute. A pug that knows how to stop traffic, maybe you should let him do dog-food commercials!
Julie said…
Oh, I hate it when they do that, they just go along all casual as if nothing is happening and completely ingoring your screams and screams. He is so sneaky and quite the little ham. So glad he is ok, I know that is scary, the puppy does that sometimes.

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