Only in a Texas Liquor Store

Agape at the selection of vodkas at the Centennial package store in a rather seedy part of town, I stood wavering between Grey Goose and Boru, when up sauntered a 6'5" Sam Elliot lookalike in a black fringed leather cowboy jacket, black boots and a grey Stetson.

"Buy the cheap stuff, darlin'," he drawled. "It all works the same." And with that, he grabbed a bottle of Stoli off the middling shelf, paid, and for all I know, saddled up and rode away.


Julie said…
wow, that is like a commercial. And he didn't buy the cheap stuff either! I love grey goose or ketel one myself for the martini's, the cheap stuff for the rest - but I'm on the wagon for now,, boo hoo... til all my depressive symptoms go away, and that makes sense. That is a cool story!!
Tiamat said…
Only in Texaz... :)
Latigo Flint said…
That's awesome Ari. You know, in a perfect world we would all get to meet a straight talkin' Sam Elliot lookalike at least once a day.

(Hey, did I ever tell you about the time I took the last beer in Sam Elliot's fridge? I think it was November 9th.)
The G-man said…
Ari, thanks for stopping over at the Fishwrapper. You left some great comments, which are appreciated, as is the link.

I enjoy your site.
8ZERO8 said…
Buy the cheap stuff, then run it through a Britta water filter a few times. Check this out:

It also works with tequilla.
You sure that wasn't Latigo talking to you?
Ari said…
Reasonably sure, Bug, but then one can never be certain.

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