More PugVentures (tm)

It recently came to my awareness that the evil deeds of the resident representative of puggery extend far deeper than I previously knew (how was that for a cumbersome hell of a sentence??).

You see, my house is small, and the kitchen and living room adjoin in such a way that you could watch TV, over the bar, while washing dishes. Because of this, I have a couch beneath the bar, in the living room. Atop the bar is my rock collection ('cause I wasn't enough of a dork without also being a geology enthusiast). For some unknown reason, the Puppin enjoys hurtling himself against the back of the couch repeatedly until he can kidnap some rocks to hurry off somewhere with and chew. Ours is not to reason why, but merely to defend the igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic from the advances of a slobbery mammalian.

So, I hear tell from my roommate that the other day, he had chastised the Puppin Mineral Menace against self-hurtling, and then dozed off a little while watching TV. Well, after a few minutes, the puggin-beast jumped onto his lap, climbing up and putting his paws on my roommate's chest to make sure he was asleep. Satisfied that he would not be caught, he went right back to the couch, attempting again to steal rocks without being corrected this time.

Of course, my roommate wasn't asleep after all and shocked him out of his thievery seconds later, but it just goes to show what untold deviousness lies between those two velvety triangle ears of his.


Pip said…
This is a stupid story, but I'll tell it anyway.

I used to tutor for some kids whose mother trained cats. She had a scat mat - a mildly electrified mat designed to deter cats from crossing a threshold - in front of the slightly open closet that contained cat treats.

I once watched as one of these cats unplugged the scat mat so that it could wander into the closet to eat the treats.

Now, think of the implications of that and tell me it isn't some scary shit.
Tiamat said…
You humans have all obviously underestimated your "pets." If you were truly the top breed, your pets would be scooping up *your* shit.
Julie said…
That is so funny!!
And frighteningly true.

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