I Said No

In my semi-revered professional life, I get the dubious privilege of telling people what to do. A lot. It's the sort of thing that, even if one didn't desire it in the first place, becomes rather addicting, or at the least, customary.

This is why pushy salesgirls pimping clothing store credit cards with 23% interest over and over after I've thrice refused and made it abundantly clear that I don't want the motherfucking 30% off my purchase today, goddammit, irritate me.

It annoys me for several reasons, but perhaps the best and most important is that


Jessica said…
Oh, that dragon is so cute...
Sly said…
The ASPCP needs your help!

The Anime Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Pocket Monsters was founded as a response to the widespread epidemic known as Pocket Monster Fighting.

The phenomenon known as Pocket Monsters was discovered in the early to mid 1990's. What happens is, cute and harmless creatures known as Pocket Monsters are captured and trained to fight against each other in brutal matches. This "training" consists of finding a Pocket Monster (or PM) in the wild, and using a device known as a Pocket Ball, a sphere approximately 8 inches in diameter, they are somehow "captured" and imprisoned within. Since most of these helpless creatures are much larger than the ball, they are held within tiny quarters, where most are only let out for "training" or "matches." Training and matches consist of forcing the poor thing to come out (most likely starved and wild with claustrophobia,) and use their powers against other PMs until one is forced into unconsciousness. Whether they win or lose, after the battle they are forced back into their prison, there to remain until next needed. This is much worse than the practice of cock fighting or pit bull baiting, both practices which are outlawed in all civilized nations. Why should we leave these poor misunderstood creatures without the same protections under the law?
This cruel and inhumane practice must be stopped immediately, as the purveyors of this practice are encouraging our children (some as young as 3 years old!) to engage in this brutal practice. With a series of movies glorifying this, a long-running television show, action figures, and even plush stuffed animals, they are trivializing and minimizing this horrid abuse of nature's creatures.
Please write your congressman and ask for legislation to be enacted to outlaw this barbaric practice.
Save the Pocket Monsters!
Ari said…
Oh, tsk, tsk. Pokemon without control just create anarchy. And I happen to know that small dragons like pockets.
Latigo Flint said…
Well there's your problem if you're saying no like Pocket Dragon says it.

I don't care what the word is, every green inch of Pocket Dragon is shouting "oh hhhhhhell yes!"
Pip said…
I like to accept the applications at stores, get halfway through the app, and then say, "Wait, does it matter that I just finished a 12-year stint for credit card fraud?"
Julie said…
I like that answer about the 12 yr stint,, lol!

Yeah, that is really irritating, do they think we are too shy to ask for a credit card? LOL
Ari said…
Nice one, Pip. :)
You preach it. I'll turn the pages. Screw those credit card pimps!

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