Notice to Errant Pugs

Please, PLEASE, Errant Pugs:

You, all of you, must immediately cease and desist wandering into people's offices and farting indiscriminately, and then leaving, without so much as a lick on the toe or a snorty passing glance.

It's not nice, people having to work in Gaseous Pug-scented (new from Glade) air. I mean, really. Have a whit of couth, o wrinkly faced paragons of cute.


The Unseen One said…
HA! A friend of mine refers to pugs as "farty little butt-lickers". Don't know why I felt compelled to share that. ;)
Ari said…
Hmm... that they are. :) I think it's just that they're really into smelling things. My pug will stand around and wait for me to take sweaty socks off my feet so he can kidnap one to chew it.
Euthanize the animal.
Ari said…
No time to euthanize when you're chasing the little guy around trying to keep him from smearing bbq sauce all over the carpet, due to his relocation of a ribby snack.
Latigo Flint said…
Your blog is mighty fine Ari.

I've always been suspicious of pugs - they look like they know something I don't. I try to beat it out of them but they never talk. So thank you Ari, their secret was probably surreptitious flatulence. (Of course that's a beating offence as well.)
Julie said…
Yeah, they always do the silent ones, when you actually hear one, it's so funny b/c it freaks them out. Mom has a dog that farts loud all the time. he has bad 'gerd' and takes tagament twice a day and his gas is terrible and seems that one doesn't disapate until another one arrives.
Ari said…
Pugs do know something we all don't... how to do sucessful drive-by fartings.

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