Viva 1000

OK, I admit it. I'm a tired-of-being-so-damn-single computer geek, so to meet men, I have a personal ad up. (Once you finish laughing, I can go on.)
The ad's served its purpose on several occasions, but nothing's stuck yet.
Anyway, on this ad, there's a counter to tell you how many times your ad has been viewed.
And this weekend,
* ~~~ ``` ~ ~~ * * *
** ^^ ~~~ I HIT 1000!!! *** ~~~ ``
* ~~~ ``` ~ ~~ * * *
Oddly, instead of being depressed about this scientific quantification of my rejection by the opposite sex, I kind of feel like dancing a little dance or having some cake or something. Maybe cause it means I am absolutely, undeniably unique and without parallel. ;)

Or not.
In any case, for now, arriba spinsterhood!


Julie said…
Wahoo, welcome to the club, been there done that myself!! Let's celebrate w/ a dirty martini!
Remember the story about the yugo's......

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