Naked in Public

And no, I don't mean the Freudian dream.
I mean standing in the geographic middle of Wal-Mart trying on panties over your panties in case the last test driver had post-coital drip. We've all done it, sometime. And it's weird.
I always have this fear that the fire alarm's going to go off and the shantytown of dressing stalls will fill up with smoke and collapse, sending me running for my car with only one boob half tucked into a hot pink and black bra and panty set I have no business buying.
Either that or the security guys take turns laughing at the fat woman's ass hanging out of a cheap 2X thong.


Julie said…
I know exactly what you mean! That is hilarious!! LOL! Especially bathsuits, if that's not a bad enough experience anyway - you know they've been tried on lots of times!! That little strip of paper covering the croch doesn't really give me confidence.
You have a great sense of humor, you will love that book bleachy haired honky bitch.
dv8flow said…
This could be a man interference
into a forbidden zone
so i want to ask
do you want a comment?
Ari said…
I always want a comment. Hit me. :)
dv8flow said…
Not the Freudian dream?
dv8flow said…
i would say:
not only the freudian dream
some kapitalist nightmares in there as well.

note from an idiot: doesn't a womans ass always hang out of a thong, even if she's slim? Or am i visualising the wrong piece of cloth?
Ari said…
Touche, dv8. Well played.

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