I Drink Alone

(BTW, I fucking hate George Thorogood. And the Destroyers.)
(Why the hell did I think he was dead? Turns out he isn't.)
Anyway, I do drink alone. But every time I tell someone that, they gasp to themselves and think it's something horrible. I also drive my car alone, try on ridiculous bras alone, do breast self-examinations alone, clean my garage alone.... when you live with only your roommate and your dog, you do lots of things alone. So if I come home and feel like having wine with dinner, guess what I do? I have some. I don't call 15 friends to see if someone can come over to keep me from falling into an alcoholic abyss.
Besides, I'm not REALLY alone... my pug's always home and he could run for help if needed. Long as he didn't drink too much of the beer that spilled on the floor when I keeled over (that last bit was of course, a fictional account).
Crap, I have a bigger problem with eating cookies than I do drinking, and I do that alone LOTS. Sometimes even in the car on the way home from the store. :0
Come to think of it, I guess that IS pretty pathetic. :)


Julie said…
Most people I know have a cocktail at the house alone - I do quite a bit myself. It's better than driving to a bar to drink and driving home - somehow that has less of a stigma? Having others around or not having them around isn't indicative of an alcoholic, I know plenty of heavy drinkers who drink w/ lots of people all the time... lol...
Julie said…
Oh, and I eat cheese alone a lot - and usually get up at midnight and eat cereal, alone. perhaps I should go to a 12 step raisn bran meeting somewhere. I also take baths alone... oh no, I'm in real trouble here!
dv8flow said…
drink alone,
get drunk alone,
or get completely wasted - vomit on the floor alone?
dv8flow said…
i tried all three
seems overrated,
but you do have a point.
i can drink alone
untill i drop to the floor,
and no man will say a word.
and women will only speak with their eyes
or nose. no words for me.
Jessica said…
Good on you! Hell, I even spent New Years getting drunk alone. Unfortunately, I send some rather mis-spelt (to say the least) emails to some of my friends who are away on holidays/moved.
Ari said…
Well, I have spent nights getting drunk alone. :) And being ill. And sleeping the night on the cool, comforting bathroom floor. But not so much anymore.

I think the thing is, that I can actually have fun by myself. Sure, I may talk to inanimate objects... but I enjoy it. So I'll drink one to all of you fine folk next time I'm getting lit alone. ;)
dv8flow said…
i'll do the same.
i'll even blog the drink.
But when if wanna get lit,
i do use a lighter.
(see pulp fiction - they put mayo on their fries over here).
dv8flow said…
just got lit alone
listening to my music.
feels kinda transgressive.
transgressive nevertheless.
Ari said…
Glad I can be an inspiration, dv8. ;) And I very much like that poem.
dv8flow said…
Thank you -twice-
i need to go do it -now-
not on-line-
for quite a while.

especially on the k-mart thingy.
dv8flow said…
i wrote a song
in dutch
but i'll translate it for you
because you need it

(only for/before)

for people who are waiting
for the end of their line
this ode to life
and this ode to death

what could there be?
behind the shadow of time?

and i sing that i jump
-my heart's bleeding because of it-
and i can understand, that i went to far
for you
but time is there for

what do you still want to do?
or are you counting days and your money?

tiktak tiktak tiktak tiktak
tiktak tiktak tiktak tiktak
tiktak tiktak tiktak tiktak
tiktak tiktak tiktak tiktak

for people who are waiting
for people who are waiting
for people who are waiting
for people who are waiting
for people who are waiting
for death
The Unseen One said…
There is absolutely nothing wrong with drinking alone. First, you don't have to drive home, so you don't have to stop when you feel like your driving is going to be impared. Second, it is very difficult to make an ass of yourself when you drink alone. Third, you can try weird alcohol concoctions and no one will say "Ew!" Fourth, when you say "I think I'll have another drink," there is no one sitting next to you with faux-concern saying "really???"... "THAT'S RIGHT really! And the reason I'm going to have another drink is because the dogs won't stop barking in my head! When the dogs stop barking, I'll stop drinking! So leave me the hell alone!!!" When you drink alone and you say you are going to have another drink, your pug will look at you like he's saying "well, why wouldn't you?"
defiant goddess said…
I spend so much time alone, people are concerned for me. I tell them I'm good company and leave me be.

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