Wanna screw?

It never happens that I go on an amazing, fun date. But today I did. With a funny, gentlemanly cuddly bear of a fellow with a smartass sense of humor.
We were walking along downtown, he picks something up off the ground, and hands it to me. "Wanna screw?" he says. In my hand, was in fact, a screw. :)
Just a testament to the interesting nature of the universe...


Julie said…
I have to know how this date ended :)
Ari said…
Pleasantly, on a boat. :)

There was some fooling, but no actual screwing. There was a whole lot of kind of snuggly snoozing, which was weird, cause we'd never met before.

But what can I say, give me a bear and a cave and a grey blustery day and I fall to pieces.
Julie said…
Sounds pretty yummy to me!! I'd be all dreamy headed and silly. I'd say that was a smashing first date. Before I met my husband, I went through many years of lots of first dates (no second ones). When's the next date? Groovy...:)
Ari said…
Hmm... that's where it gets more sticky. Everything went great, but no call afterward. It's been 5 days, but he did have to go in for some minor surgery yesterday that may have been more serious than he let on.

So I'm trying not to have any expectations. But I still do. :)

And I'm still learning.... kind of a dating novice (silly at my age but had a couple of bad breakups and for a lot of years just didn't take any action on the topic). Not calm, collected or smooth in any way.... hehe.
Julie said…
Well, that's not long in boy time, they always have to wait days, whatever the hell that crap is about. But it's also good, but very HARD to release expectations and see what happens. Any surgery is hard on a person, even minor stuff sets you back, or does me. Sounds like he had a fun time also. I used to say 'if 90% of the cars out there are yugo's that's what you will probably have to be driving',in relation to men that are out there, it took me 20 years to find my ford truck husband - the pickin's are slim, but they are out there. Don't let the ex bastards spoil you for love yet to come.
Happy Birthday! WE are still young, my thirties have been my best yet. I'm 36 and today was the first time I didn't remember my age, I couldn't remember if I was 36 or 37, so that happens later on for you. ha. I enjoy your blog. Mine is www.juliepoolie.blogspot.com if you get super bored. I found yours b/c you like some of the same books I do.

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