Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Keep Hope Alive, Casino Workers

Near-busted a gut this morning in traffic after hearing that dear Jesse Jackson was traveling up to NJ to pray with some displaced casino workers... and truly, bless him, because I was unaware that God was cool with people finding their life's work in a gamblin' den.
He should open an Employment Hotline for Out-of-Work Whores, Bookies, Highwaymen and Drunks, just to make sure no one's left out. I mean, think about it: if we don't care for our unemployed vice workers in this country, who will?


dv8flow said...

salon des refus├ęs

dv8flow said...

google + warhol + valerie Solanas

Ari said...

Don't get your drift, dv8. Are you sayin' I'm a misanthropic butch lesbian who shot Andy Warhol?

dv8flow said...


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