Show Me Your Hooters

Driving in traffic today, I got behind an 18-wheeler semi truck with a sign on the back that stated simply, in red, capital letters: SHOW ME YOUR HOOTERS. This poses a few queries in my mind, even if in no one else's: 1. Does that work? Are there women out there who'll strip off their tank tops and let boobies flap in the wind just free for the asking? 2. If one was going to entertain such a notion, how do you maintain control of your own vehicle whilst freeing said hooters? Philosophical questions such as these boggle the mind, and will likely puzzle scientists and theologians for millenia to come.


The Unseen One said…
It would have been hilarious to pull out a couple of stuffed owls and held them out. HA!
defiant goddess said…
Answer to #1: Yes, there are hoochie mamas who will.

Answer to #2: Part of the fun is trying to keep your car under control.

Don't ask me how I know.

0000000 said…
I might be the driver of that truck. yes, I get flashed. 25 years of hard work, bad food, little sleep, angry drivers and whining customers...I forget all of it and the world is peaceful and smiling again when a topless smiling woman is looking up at me from her seat. if it only happens a couple of times a week, that's enough to keep me going.
I make good money bringing food, shelter, clothing, entertainment and industrial supplies to customers all over North America, it's a hard way to scratch out a living. I live for skydiving (which I do every chance I get) and flirting. jumping off of bridges, towers and buildings is nearly as thrilling as a beautiful woman giving me the intimate gift of a playful show. here's where I say "thank you", ladies for your affection. I pay careful attention to all the people that use the road around my truck. I'm gentle, friendly, forgiving and careful. hundreds of ladies have flashed me in 25 years of driving and I have never had an accident- or incident because I stay awake and aware. watching for naked women keeps me focused, attentive and safe.
thank you, Ladies for your kind considerations, you help to keep me alive, happy and motivated.
V said…
Thank you, 0000000, for all you do. It is true, it's a tough gig and we all rely on people like you. Keep on truckin'!

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