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Chihuahua Canticle

He came to me from a friend of a friend's daughter, who had adopted him without being able to care for him. I already had Pip the pug at the time, but I agreed to take him (and his sister, too). Why not? I was planning to get another dog and they needed homes.

I christened him Chex, not really after a snack, but a dragon. He was fierce as one, a scrapper with a fighting spirit.  After I got back from London, I decided he needed a middle name, so I added Bakerloo, after the Underground line, then shortened to Loo. Other names for him were Chihuahua on Stilts (long legs inspired), Circus Dog (because he could stand on his hind legs for a long time in younger days), Tall Dog, and in his later years, Derpy Gramps because of missing teeth.

He was one of the lankiest small dogs you ever would see. I'll never know his actual lineage, but I'd guess a mix of chihuahua and Italian greyhound. I often said to him that I wished I had his metabolism. He'd eat two full meals a…