Does the Muse Still Exist?

And, more importantly, is she a dominatrix? What do y'all think?


Mistress Muse

Whenever I fail to revise or begin
The tang of her leather falls across my skin
Whenever I succumb to procrastination
She provides me with vexing inspiration

Repeated lessons in being humble
Smart yet again as I continue to bumble
Shuffling my way across this earth
She delights in the torture of excessive girth

As dogs eat dogs and barracudas shred
Creative thoughts flow through my head
To gain new power the antiquated hag
Shoves down my throat introversion’s gag

An abyss of deep feeling imprisons me
Chained among careless society
My heart’s lifeblood flowing down to the floor
She ties my feet in my mouth and slams the door

If of seeing the sun I begin to dream
She lassos round my self-esteem
She won’t permit a lick of pride
Preferring my tongue on her heeled boot’s stride

Though I might be gifted on one side of the score
There’s a downside that amuses that sadistic whore
‘Til the day I die, from the day I was born
Has dug nonconformity’s spiky thorns

For my own good, she will declare
Down through the ages’ dusty air
“Let infinite punishment on her rain!
Eternal beauty is born of pain.”


"My plug-in baby /crucifies my enemies / when I'm tired of giving."
-- Bellamy, Wolstenholme, Howard


BrideOfPorkins said…
Ain't that the truth.

That's a good one, you know.
Ari said…
BoP: Thanks!
Troy Camplin said…
Oh, the Muses exist. There's no doubt in my mind. Congrats on graduating!!!
Love this. Painfully true.

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