The Urge to Destroy Goes Fizzzzzzzzz

So, yeah -- baths? Not for me, really. I bought the $8.00 confection you see at left back in the winter months at Lush in that old bastion of Dallas snobbery, Northpark Center.
It is a nearly baseball-sized bath fizzy deemed the "Champagne Supernova." Did I mention it was $8.00? I thought when I bought it that perhaps I would be able to use it twice. Let me tell you here and now, dear readers: I did not, and will not, have the strength. For when I embarked on the unraveling, the foaming away, of what seems a tiny, pink world clutched within my dragon's hand, I could not stop. (Hey, they started it, mentioning the superdestructive concept "supernova" in the thing's very name.) I could not put it aside and stop watching the particles of bicarbonate and scented oil dissolve into nothingness, staining the bathwater pink with its collective blood. I could not halt the staring as each folded fleck of what was sold as herbal additives but may just have been torn up bits of paper packaging from the bath fizz assembly line floor, floated into the steaming primordial soup in which it dwelled.
For all that, though, the bathwater got me overheated within about 15 minutes and I had to get out. Be glad I am not one of the gods. The universe might be endlessly remade on a swifter schedule than it is currently following.
p.s. I also have the same problem with floral foam. Must.... kill........

Someday you will find me...Caught beneath the landslide... -- L. Gallagher


Todd Camplin said…
Living like the other half is always less romanitic as one things. Great little slice of life.
random moments said…
Lol! I can't pass on squishing the bath scented balls. The ones that disintegrate in water and make the water slimy? Even in other people's homes - if I see one, I must destroy!
Zen Wizard said…
One can purchase a perfectly acceptable California Sparkling Wine Effervescent Bath Tablet for $6--and I challenge anyone to tell the difference in a side-by-side, blind taste test.
Ari said…
TC: Well, there are plenty of frau who enjoy the baths, I suppose. I do like hot tubs but I still always get out and go back to the pool within about 20 minutes. Mostly, I'd just as soon get clean and move on, or I prefer my wet stuff in a more aggressive form, it seems.

RM: Ohhh, yes, I'd forgotten about those! One time I think one squirted in my eye. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has The Destructiveness. :)

ZW: LOL! So true. That would only cost me 40 cents a minute, versus the 53 I just paid.
Dave Morris said…
Funny, a turd will do the same thing in bath water.

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