Aunt Flo Helps Schools

Just by bleeding, you can contribute 10 cents per box of flow stanchers to your chosen neighborhood school.
Well, at least it's good for something other than letting you know you're not expecting a new lil' scholar.


Ari said…
Grr. These spacing anomalies annoy me.
Wigwam Jones said…
I, uh. Well, that's, uh. Hmm, I think, uh. Nevermind.
What do they give for a case of jock itch?
Ari said…
Wiggy: Sorry about this post. hehe

LBB: Uhmm, I will check on that the next time I go to the store. Normally I'd say no way, but after seeing this, I'd believe anything.... "A portion of the proceeds of your next beer goes to fund the space program!" Only in America.
Azathoth100 said…
Talk about Blood Money!
Ari said…
Aza: DEFinitely. Bwa ha ha (cramp).
Trevor Record said…
Well, that's an idea I guess. I wonder if there is any way my "night emissions" might be able to help out a noble cause?
Ari said…
Trevor: Not sure bout that.... not sure I'd wanna know if it could.

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