Into the Desert

It's road trip time.
Tomorrow I embark on a 500 mile journey towards Big Bend National Park, in southwest Texas, into the Chihuahuan Desert -- the largest in North America.

It will be my first excursion into such a place, though for unknown reasons, deserts have always fascinated me. Perhaps, on this trip, I'll find out why.

In any case, hasta luego! See y'all on the flip side!


Camplin said…
Be sure to stop by Marfa TX while your down there. It has a get little art colony, and an art museum.
Amandarama said…
Cool! Take lots of pics! Have fun!
random moments said…
Awesome! I visited Tucson, AZ a year ago and was amazed at the desert life. Bring plenty of lotion! :)
random moments said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Trevor Record said…
I like desserts a lot as well. Wait, desert? Oh, well those are pretty good too I guess.

(I like them because life clings to them even though they are so dry and hot)
Azathoth100 said…
Hope your having a blast, although why someone would want to go where it's that hot is beyond me. I look forward to the stories upon your return!
Ari said…
I ran out of time, and so didn't get to Marfa, Camplin. So there's still a frontier left for the next trip.

I did and I did, Amanda. Updates to follow developing.

For a place everyone thinks is desolate, Random M, it is so alive.

The heat wasn't too bad there, Trevor. It was a nice escape from the Dallas humidity.

Oddly and fortunately, it was one of the coolest summers on record, Aza.
Violet said…
can't wait to see the pictures! post them soon!
Ari said…
Trying, Violet!

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