Ugh... cool blogthing jacked things up

I did have a scrolling blogthing here that showed the lyrics to my latest enamorment in song: Mika's "Grace Kelly" (specifically, the trance remix version), but somehow posts got disabled by copying the script here and when I enabled them, things got even more wonky and a new song I'd never even heard of replaced it.
So, for the safety of all concerned, it has been deleted.
This is no fault of the song, however; it's melodic, anxious, just a snip (ok, a lot) gay, and fun, as Violet of The Lemonade Stand can attest!
Check it out!


Violet said…
i'm a fan. we've talked about our choice in radio stations for the drive before, and the local college station i listen to introduced me to the song. i think i heard it on a more mainstream station recently, though.
Trevor Record said…
I saw that music video. Mika is actually surprisingly popular, I think. Makes sense, though. It was a catchy song, that is for sure. Mika is so obviously homosexual, isn't he?
Ari said…
I get all new music info from Launchcast, Violet. If not for that, I'd be awash in all the 80's stations we have down here. When I'm in the car, I often drift over to the sports talk station just because it's amusing and not playing the same 19 songs over and OVER.

I didn't see the video, Trevor. The funny thing is, according to Wikipedia and a few UK sources I saw, he won't discuss his sexuality at all, so he admits nothing. However, after 30 seconds looking at his website and hearing this song, is there anything to discuss??
menonita said…
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Ari said…
Hi Menonita and thank you very much for stopping by! I'll check yours out too. :)

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