I see a pink blog and I want it painted green.
I'm sorry, blogpals. I shall repair the damage as soon as I am able.
Know that, until then, your comments and your words and the time you burned here live on in my grateful heart.


artemis3120 said…
Ari, this must sound rather strange, but if I ask you very nicely and say "please," could you possibly tell me where Tiamat has gotten herself to?

It truly matters to me that I know how she is. Even if she would prefer to be left unbothered, then at least tell me that everything's okay and that she *hasn't* disappeared off the face of this planet.

Since I realize that you couldn't possibly know me, please let me introduce myself. My name is Matthew Gonzalez, and I live in San Antonio. I came across Tiamat's blog several months ago, and I found her many ramblings both entertaining and inspiring. Unfortunately, it's been abandoned for quite some time, and both me and another reader, Azathoth, were worried if everything were okay.

Please excuse my intrusion into things, but I can't contain my concern and curiousity. If you have any heart at all, please e-mail me at "". I'll bake you some delicious cookies if you do.
artemis3120 said…
Ah... Oh dear, I fear I may have minorly flooded your inbox with proposed comments...

Um, please disregard all those meaningless copies!! Sorry about that! ^-^;
Violet said…
Okay, I so totally throught that I at somebody else's blog... I like the green, though.
Ari said…
It is rumored that I am heartless, Artemis. Yet I can tell both you and Azathoth that Tiamat is about and is well, but terribly busy with worlds full of duties. Asking after her is rather like prayer.... she is listening, yet may hear only the wind and the silent music of the stars.

Thanks, Violet! I like the green too. Restoring my blogroll may have to wait on a weekend, though. :( I considered that it would feel weird at first, but thought I'd proceed anyway. This is how I've done many great things. hehehe

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