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Being as it's about Flag Time....

please do yourself a favor and read The Anti-Flag Burning Amendment
My Pantaloons Have Been Disgraced
over at Wigwam Jones' place: It says everything I wanna say about flag burning, at least 29 times better.

Yahoo Mess... iah

This just in from some random chat guy on Yahoo:

"just like an angel you are, i see the eyes of GOD all over you, his blessings all around you and is favour just in every step you take. i see the Holy one of israel in your front leading you, and the KING of KINGs right behind you guiding you. He wil be there when you want him and right there when you need Him cos he made you for a purpose and this purpose you will live to acomplish and attain, Just because he lives."Well, dude, one can only hope.p.s. That art is a painting by a Danish artist called Asbjorn Lonvig. Which is certainly a cool name. Scope to see more.

Denouement (84 - 100)

Well, Manion's got a point. I suppose this is dragging on a bit. Here's the day's new mont.

84. Out of curiosity, I did a websearch for Arisnow. On Yahoo Messenger and a few other places, I use the screen name Arisnow8. Well, it turns out that Arisnow (without the 8) is some submissive slave chick into bdsm. I reckon I'm unique, just like everyone else. And apparently may get a whippin' from my master if I get too uppity. Even scarier? She fuckin' quoted Meat Loaf on her webpage.

85. My Texas accent isn't too bad, but it gets worse in proportion to who I'm around, how much country music I've listened to recently, and whether or not I'm riled up.

86. The 2 jobs I kick myself for not having are * TV and/or movie writer and * rock star.

87. I don't claim to make any sense, as it's not a requirement.

88. I will cry faster at kindness than disparagement.

89. Once, when I was 15, I flew out of the back of a van which rolled off the side of a cloverl…

It's All About Me, 62-83

:: Approaching the mike, I pause for applause. As the waves of accolades roll in, I smile and raise my hands... ::

"Please, please... I know you are all ready for the next installment of this popular feature, so without further ado, I give you... THING 62!!!"

:: And the crowd goes wild. ::

62. I have a vivid imagination, such that I can't watch many scary movies or read horrible news stories, because I will be recreating horrifying scenes later when I am home alone in the dark.

For example, this movie scared me. For days. Aliens behind corners. And it was pretty lame.

63. I am spatially challenged. My former roommates used to laugh at me because from their room they would periodically hear, !!WUMP!! "Fuck!" in the middle of the night. That was the sound of me running into the wall or the bathroom door. But I also whack my little toe or arm on the doorknob when I'm not half asleep. And I always leave a love dent on every car I own.

64. I listen to new CDs or songs…

We Interrupt This Disparate Band of Posts

About me because I am drunk. Yes, right now I am. Do you think I'm NOT?

Well, I am. I guess that counts as thing # 61. Would you feel cheated if I used that as a post?

I repetitively repeat bullshit when I drink. Did you know? Well now you do.

"Just one more vodka cranberry," I was thinking.
I did not cotton to the near room-spinningness I would be courting when I had that 4th vodka cranberry beverage. Would it help to know that my people hail from the Emerald Isle? Would that excuse Tuesday Drunkenness?Have a happy sleep time (or day time?), my much loved readers. More coherent blogposts to come.-------------"Spin around and fall down / do it again." -- Everclear

Chose Soixante de Moi

60. As of today, I got accepted to grad school here:

Books, papers and beer bongs ahead!
(Ok, maybe not so much this time around.)

Things 36 - 58 About Me

36. I don't smoke, but I will keep a pack of cigarettes around the house on occasion, to just spark one up when the urge strikes (once every few months).

37. I sometimes like a puff of a cigar too... just enjoy the smell and taste of the smoke. Maybe I'm part hobbit.

38. I do the above thing partly because I love the smell of a cigarette being lit.

39. Both my parents and two of my grandparents smoked, so maybe that's why.

40. My other grandmother dipped snuff. Yep, powdery brown stuff between the cheek and gum, necessitating intermittent spitting into the sink, a cup carried around, or the nearest corner spittoon.

41. In fact, I often say that if I hadn't been dating a hardcore against smoking person in my formative years, I would be a smoker today. On the upside of that, I won't get emphysema like my mom has. On the downside, I probably would be thinner.

42. I enjoy creme brulee, but not flan.43. I HATE getting in trouble.

44. I understand that if I do not complete the…

Indeterminate number of things about me

In the grand tradition of many other blogs, I have decided to do one of those "100 things" things. This project commenced during a work training class. However, my brain activity slowed to autonomic functions only for a time, and I didn't quite reach 100, owing to using all my remaining faculties to stave off a boredom-induced torpor. Now, on to the things!!

1. I firmly believe that Meat Loaf rocks. AND, as if that wasn't enough, he's from Dallas, too.

2. I think humans and animals are similar in more ways than commonly suspected. Ditto children and adults.
3. I detest wastes of my time more with each passing moment of my dwindling life.
4. I am over 30, but under 40.
5. Oft times, I do as little as possible.
6. Not too long ago, I nearly got into a fistfight with a brusque, heavyweight cashier woman because I refused to change checkout lanes from express to a regular lane midpurchase. Because I'm heavyweight and brusque too, it might have been a comical battle to …

Pimpin' >-|

Ok, if you are misanthropic, do not walk your dog at dusk.
For in Texas, this is when humans deem the temperature low enough to leave their pockets of air conditioning within the universe to venture out for walking excursions.
Particularly, the teen set.
So I'm walking my black puggy doggie and they ask, "What's his name?" and I say, "Pippin."
And they say, "PIMPIN?"
Gottdammit, NO!
So I correct them. Now why in God's green earth would a PUG be named PIMPIN'?? Maybe a Rottweiler. Or a Snoop type Doberman. Or a Pit Bull.I'm tempted to say things like, "No, teens. This dog is a wackadoo. He would in no wise be in charge of many hos. He's no Al Swearengen, you see? Not a Cy Tolliver. Do you kids watch Deadwood? Nevermind. He's a goof among dogs. His purpose is to amuse. In no wise is he pimpin', understand?"But I don't. So anyway, avoid duskwalking of pets if you have an ongoing bone to pick with most of humanity.